Pig Out:
Adelaide Pigs CEO Jnrdingo Breaks Furniture in Clubroom Fall

Adelaide Pigs CEO Jnrdingo had a rough day at the office yesterday, as he tripped and fell down the clubroom stairs, breaking two chairs and a table in the process. The incident happened after the Pigs’ training session, when Jnrdingo was heading to the locker room to congratulate the players on their performance. 

Witnesses said that Jnrdingo slipped on a banana peel that was left on the stairs by one of the players, who was later identified as star halfback Marcel, also known as ‘Oinko’. Oinko admitted that he was eating a banana as a post-workout snack, and forgot to throw away the peel. He apologized to Jnrdingo and the club for his careless mistake. 

Jnrdingo suffered minor bruises and cuts, but no serious injuries. He was taken to the hospital for a check-up, and was released later that day. He said that he was not angry at Oinko, and that he was glad that no one else was hurt. He also joked that he was lucky that he did not break his neck, or his bacon. 

The clubroom furniture, however, was not so fortunate. Two wooden chairs and a glass table were shattered by the impact of Jnrdingo’s fall. The club said that they will replace the furniture as soon as possible, and that they will review their safety protocols to prevent similar accidents in the future. 

The Adelaide Pigs are currently preparing for their first match of the 2024 NRL season. They will face the Paramatta Dragons in their next match on Friday. 

Jnrdingo said that he will be there to support his team, and that he hopes that they will not make a pig’s ear of it.